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Activities in Lagos

Discover Unforgettable Activities in Lagos, Algarve

Experience the best of  Lagos, Algarve with our exciting range of activities. Explore stunning Lagos attractions with the amazing Ponta da Piedade tours, or enjoy adventurous kayak tours Lagos. Relax on our boat trips and luxurious catamaran tours. For nature enthusiasts, join our dolphin watching in Lagos excursions. Discover the local culture with wine tasting tours and explore the rich history of Silves and Monchique. We also offer a variety of family activities in Lagos, ensuring fun for everyone.


Book now and create lasting memories with these amazing things to do in Lagos.

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Boat Tour to the Ponta da Piedade Caves

Don't miss Lagos Grotto Trips to Benagil Caves, a European top 10! Depart from Lagos Marina, passing Alvor, Portimão, and Carvoeiro. Explore the famous Benagil Caves. Enjoy stunning views, clear waters, and unique rock formations on a new, comfortable 18-seat boat with expert guides offering personalized service.

Duration: 1.30 h

Price from: 35,00€

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Visit to Ponta da Piedade, Lagos

Explore Ponta da Piedade's stunning caves with Lagos Grotto Trips. Discover hidden beaches, turquoise lagoons, unique rock formations, and hear exciting Lagos stories. Guided by experienced, personalized service.

Duration: 1.15h

Price from: 22,50€

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Sunset Boat Tour at Ponta da Piedade

Enjoy a magical sunset with a tour along Ponta da Piedade's stunning coast. Discover rock formations, beautiful beaches, and famous caves. Sail through arches and passages, and explore iconic spots like Praia da Batata, Dona Ana, and Camilo. Marvel at formations like the Gorilla, Camel, and Titanic. End with a breathtaking sunset.

Duration: 1.15 h

Price from: 40,00€

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Visit to Benagil Cave

Don't miss Lagos Grotto Trips to Benagil Caves, a European top 10! Depart from Lagos Marina, passing Alvor, Portimão, and Carvoeiro. Enjoy stunning views, clear waters, and unique rock formations on a new, comfortable 18-seat boat with expert guides.

Duration: 2.00 h

Price from: 40,00€

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Discover the famous Benagil cave

Like the Ponta da Piedade caves, we mustn't forget the world-famous Benagil Cave, accessible only by sea. Despite the distance from Lagos, we offer an experience on our fast, maneuverable semi-rigid boats, Slash and Jimi, to Carvoeiro and Benagil. This allows us to enter caves inaccessible to larger vessels.

Duration: 2.00 h

Price from: 40,00€

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Ponta da Piedade by Kayak

Explore Ponta da Piedade's hidden spots by kayak with friendly, qualified guides. Start at Marina de Lagos, board the catamaran "Freddie II," and head to Ponta da Piedade. Launch from the catamaran's comfortable platform with crew assistance. Follow the guide through stunning rock formations and beaches, marveling at the daily display of colors and light.

Duration: 2.15 h

Price from: 40,00€

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Catamaran Tour with Lunch

Relax on a 4-hour catamaran tour along Lagos and Ponta da Piedade, enjoying sea baths and the beauty of Costa D’Oiro. Our local crew shares coastal, cultural, and historical insights. Enjoy a traditional roast chicken lunch with drinks, anchored at the best spot. Maximum of 18 guests for superior service. Join our Premium tour!

Duration: 4.00 h

Price from: 50,00€

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Quad Tour Lagos

During 1h15, drive on dirt trails towards the river, enjoying unbelievable landscapes. Have fun discovering trails as your own driver. Meet at Marina de Lagos, head to Meia Praia, then test your driving skills on river dunes. Wear comfortable clothing, good shoes, and bring a positive attitude!

Duration: 1.15 h

Price from: 75,00€

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Embark on a 4-hour tour to a winery, delving into wine production and tasting 3 local wines with tapas. Explore countryside secrets—Algarve oranges, ancient Cork trees, and historic villages. Enjoy free time in picturesque Silves, famed for its Moorish heritage and stunning castle.

Duration: 4.00h

Price from: 60,00€

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Explore Silves and the iconic castle. Visit the Cathedral and Archeology Museum. Enjoy a wine tasting. Walk along the Arade River. After lunch, head to Monchique., visit the Thermal Spa see the  thermal spring water sources. Then, ascend to Fóia, the highest point in the Algarve, for stunning 360º views.

Duration: 7.00h

Price from: 79,00€

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Embark on a mountain tour to Monchique for stunning views. Explore the charming town before ascending to Fóia, the Algarve's highest point, offering breathtaking 360º vistas. Join South Explorers for this earthly paradise.

Duration: 4.00h

Price from: 49,00€

Activities in Lagos

Do you want to visit Lagos and engage in activities in this fantastic city and coastal area of the Algarve? Check out the available activities and make the most of your time!

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