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Festival Birdwatching & Nature Activities in Sagres, Algarve - 14th Edition

From October 5th to 8th, Sagres will once again host Portugal's largest nature and birdwatching event. At this time of year, thousands of birds fill the skies over Sagres and Vila do Bispo as they migrate to African lands, creating an incredible spectacle for bird and nature enthusiasts. From seabirds soaring over the ocean to vultures, eagles, and storks navigating the skies in search of the path to Africa, this show is worthy of a festival of colors and wildlife.

Birdwatching also takes place on land, among bushes and trees that serve as resting and feeding stops for small birds before they continue their journey southward. This year, the star of the show is the white-crowned wheatear, a fascinating bird that promises to amaze birdwatchers.

The 14th edition of the Festival has prepared four days filled with activities for all tastes. From birdwatching sessions on land and at sea to a variety of opportunities for nature lovers to discover that the Algarve offers much more than just stunning beaches. Families and friends of birdwatchers, as well as nature enthusiasts, will find plenty of options, including guided tours, hikes, lectures, and challenges for the younger ones.

This year brings new experiences such as exploring tide pools, walking by moonlight, and enjoying nature-themed board games. Activities are divided between paid and free options and are quite diverse, including birdwatching, bird ringing, dolphin and whale watching, hiking trails in the Rota Vicentina and Via Algarviana, beach clean-ups, "searching for dinosaurs," illustration workshops, and much more.

This event is organized by the Municipality of Vila do Bispo in partnership with the Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds (SPEA) and the Almargem Association.

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